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Welcome to the Book page. You will find all my "Guitar Lessons, Tips & Tricks" books here.

Guitar Lessons, Tips & Tricks vol.1:

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Lesson2 Lesson10

This book contains 30 diffrent lessons ranging from fast licks, slow licks, tapping, string skipping, sliding, bending, chords and picking. Each lesson has it's own audio file so you can hear it at normal and slow speeds. I also give you some chords from each lesson for you to study, practice and get new song ideahs from. I have made clickable links from the table of contents to each lesson, and at the bottom of each lesson is a link back to the table of contents (as you can see in the sample pictures above). This provides quick and easy access to any lesson you may be working on.

You may download a sample of this book here. This sample is a lesser version of the actual book, it contains 8 lessons with audio & video files. The sample book comes in a .zip folder and the book is a .pdf file (just like the actual book).
If you do not have Adobe Reader you may get it here.

New books coming soon.